Empowered Men


The Bible teaches that men everywhere are called by God to be leaders. One of our most important roles is to lead our families both morally and spiritually. Many of the problems of our society can be traced back to broken families and absentee fathers, but the Good News is that when men submit to the lordship of Jesus Christ, relationships can be restored and families healed.

At GCM we are striving to help men reach their full God-given potential. Each month we meet together as a group to provide a forum where we can worship together, learn about God’s purpose for our lives and encourage one another to overcome the many challenges that we face.

Annual Men’s Service

Each year we hold a special Conference to reach out to those men who have not yet understood the goodness of God and to stir up the hearts of those who have started to cool in their passion for Christ. In October 2017 our theme was the “The Call to Leadership”.

Here is some of the feedback from those who attended:

“I learnt so much from the great speakers … The commitment and passion of the men was clearly evident from the very moment I entered the room. As for the amazing choir, I simply love to hear you open up the pathways to the heavens!”

“It was a great evening and very inspiring”

“I have been empowered and encouraged, also well-watered to be a blessing”

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